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News Guangdong

Chinese vice president reiterates support to multilateralism at int'l forum

Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan on Sunday said that China adheres to peaceful development and firmly supports multilateralism, stressing that China's development will not lead to its replacing any other country, and China will never seek hegemony and engage in expansion.

2019 Macao Light Festival held in south China

Visitors enjoy the night views during the 2019 Macao Light Festival in south China's Macao, Dec. 1, 2019.

Visitors to Hong Kong drop 43.7 pct on year in October

The number of visitors to Hong Kong dropped 43.7 percent year on year to 3.31 million in October, according to the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB).

Join us to celebrate the Winter Solstice & make Dim-sum

Winter Solstice (Chinese: 冬至) is one of the 24 solar terms of the year. This year the Winter Solstice falls on December 22nd. There was a saying in ancient China, "The Winter Solstice is as significant as the Spring Festival".

3 remain missing in S. China ground collapse accident

Three people who have been trapped in a sudden ground collapse accident in south China city of Guangzhou remain missing as of Sunday evening, according to local authorities.

International robot expo kicks off in Guangzhou

The most influential robot and intelligent manufacturing expo in South China, the RoboIMEX, kicked off in Guangzhou on November 30th.
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